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tumblr_static_rtb_copy2                                                       I am part of the Aleatoric Art Movement.

What is it??


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The movement pays tribute to the dadaists of the early 20th century among the many other artists throughout history who have bravely chosen to relinquish partial control of their creative processes to the hands of fate, the laws of physics and the continuum of perpetual chaos which prevails over our universe by design.By learning to value and preserve that which we can never own, to respond and yield to that which we can never predict and to respect and trust that which we can never control, the aleatoric artist inherits the divine principle of acceptance, the creative process becomes a cooperative collaboration with the forces that govern the universe, and thus the aleatoric artist transcends the limitations of the mind and body to reach artistic plateaus previously unattainable.
– Ray Cabarga not only wrote everything on this page but follow that link you must see hiswork!





   Focusing the Facets of a Free-Form Farrago

Cristine Cambrea finds her surreal visions disguised as accidents, strips them of their ambiguity with her keen sense of latency, and then lures them into the light by enhancing the contrast between subject and substrate with bold delineations or subtle striae. Like a collaborative cartographer she maps out the boundaries of beings, and the borders of burgs by barging brazenly into the creations of chaos unencumbered by the pretensions and preconceptions that imprison the myopic muses of myriad mainstream modern masters.

– Ray Cabarga 


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