Strawberry Beach Page 2

My first ‘Honeydew Ocean’ for page 2. Follow image link to view print details. honeydew ocean print mock

“It’s a colorful place with a honey dew ocean that’s soothing and warm like a magical potion” Similar issue to page one! Some kids are already scared to go into the water. Should the ocean as sweet as the waves are, have faces? It was decided no. It’s a magical place but we don’t want it to be a scary one.

Dave, Ken, and I went through the whole book and each element within it and made decisions on what should and shouldn’t have a face. It was decided that the sun and moon are okay to have faces. Yay!! They’re far away and out of reach. I’m excited to create my own version of the man in the moon 🙂 

I loved this version so much I created a fine art print, and many other products using it. 
You can see the ‘Honeydew Ocean’ print here!

Follow links below for more ‘Honeydew Ocean’ products:
Shower Curtain
Bath Mat

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