Artist Statement

If there were a special camera or glasses to see people and things—not just their physical attributes, but also their experiences, their troubles, their sicknesses, their connectedness or lack of to everything around them—I think they would look very similar to my paintings. I do not draw what people look like; I draw maps of their experiences, feelings, energy, and relationships among their physical, emotional and energetic environments.



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The work typically has two levels. From a distance, you see large images of faces, landscapes, buildings, etc., but on closer examination, you see that each one is a composite of smaller images. I often create one abstract, surreal world inside another. The piece becomes multi-dimensional and can be experienced in many different ways, depending on how you look at it.

studio close up meAs a Visionary Artist, I use emotion and intuition to guide me. I do not work in the traditional process of sketching and planning. After that first line, shape, or color makes it way to the canvas, I get lost in non-thought. It is my time to meditate. And when my time with the canvas is complete, I have a creation that in some way represents my dreams and life experience. Sometimes I do not understand the painting myself for a while, but when I live with it for a time, it reveals itself to me.


I paint and then I draw. The process of painting is largely a matter of making decisions about colors I want to use and then creating flat textures with multiple media on the surface fairly quickly to prepare for the drawing. The apparent randomness of the paint turns out not to be random at all. It dictates the drawing with hidden messages that I must bring out in ink. It is as though the “plan” is predestined. After the canvas is prepared, I study it from four directions, looking for its story to see which way is up. Once the direction has made itself known, I then bring the piece to life with drawing. The shapes and negative spaces formed by the paints dictate that I draw images that often are mystical and surprising to me as I explore the surfaces in pen and ink. 


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