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C.Cambrea illustrates childrens book by Ken Block from Sister Hazel

‘Strawberry Beach’ Book

I’m so very excited to share my newest project. I’m illustrating my first children’s book for Ken Block, lead singer of the band Sister Hazel. Ken wrote a beautiful, colorful, story about a beach, a ‘Strawberry Beach’. 

strawberry drawingWithout giving too much away- it’s a magical, colorful place where the creatures of the beach look like fruit.

macbook ocean decal

DecalGirl giveaway

DecalGirl is giving away a $25 gift card code to one lucky person.

The gift code will be good for anything in my DecalGirl gallery. All you have to do is 

‘Cut it out’ 05 & 06

Bahama cruise art
Worked on #05 & #06 from the ‘Cut it out’ series on the balcony as we cruised to the Bahamas. I think I’ll just move my studio to the ocean. The absolute best place to make art! Seriously.

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