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black and white illustration art

Black and White ink drawing illustrations

The Black and White illustrations were all done on watercolor paper using archival inks. The very first C.Cambrea Art was done using these materials and evolved into color illustrations using a variety of inks, markers, and pens. Eventually the illustrations found their way on top of paint, tracing the stories and creatures within it. Follow the link above if you are interested in how that came to be. It wasn’t until moving to Vermont that I had the space to start painting on canvas. Before that I lived in tiny studio apartments or traveled wherever the wind blew me. I always had paper and markers for drawing no matter where I went.

the perfect studio find



Sometimes it’s fun to clean up the studio. I find  all kinds of treasures. Like this tiny piece of paper…. I picked it up and read it and it was like I was meant to find it in that  exact  perfect moment.

     the perfect studio find

It made it to my fav wall in the studio. ** UNTIL it finds it’s way into a painting 😉

For the longest time I couldn’t understand where it came from but I think it fell off one of the record albums. 

Early Works

The early works are my precious paintings and illustrations  done prior to 2004. The year I started creating art for sale. Back when  I  lived in tiny NYC apartments or while traveling i created these obsessive psychedelic pieces that would take weeks and weeks to complete.

cordaroys beanbag cambrea art

CordaRoy’s and C.Cambrea Art

"Feathers, flowers, showers" Collection

“Feathers, flowers, showers” Collection

My  art is now available on CordaRoys beanbag beds and footstools. You can see them in person  at  the CordaRoy’s showroom in Gainesville, Florida. CordaRoy’s are best known for their bean bags that transform into beds. You may have seen them on the ABC show Shark Tank. They got a deal with the QVC queen Lori Griener and have  expanded the  product line to include C.Cambrea Art on full, queen, and king sized bean bags, and matching footstools that transform into a giant pillow. I created four designs for  these  products as well as the ‘Shag Bag’. It’s an ALL Shag beanbag bed. It’s like laying in a cloud. 

Aleatoric Art in the 21st Century




Show press links:

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Aleatoric artist Cristine Cambrea uses intuition and emotion to guide her work

The Alliance for the Arts is featuring  the inaugural  gallery show including work by members of the avant-garde  Movement of Aleatoric Modern Artists  during the month of May. One of the aleatoric  artists who is participating in  Aleatoric Art in the 21st Century   is surrealist Cristine Cambrea.

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