Bohemian Sanctuary Home Decor

I created a  limited edition luxury home decor product line for the Bohemian Sanctuary (BOSANC). Art for your furniture, designed for your sanctuary. Now available at 

"Dreamscape" Collection

"Surreal Sky" Collection

"Feathers, Flowers, Showers" Collection

"Blue Sky" Collection

This luxury bohemian inspired line includes accent pillows in 3 shapes and sizes, blankets, and meditation / floor cushions. Full color art on 1 side and white shag (SO COMFY) on back. I designed them with 1 long tassel that folds over. Iv’e been referring to this design as the ‘Boho Fold’. Designed to be reversible. Show the art in front and let the shag fold over for a nice contrasting accent. Or flip around for an all shag look with art fold accent. The tassels hang from a vintage looking copper colored ring for easily removal. Large square accent pillow has 2 wood beads on the tassel and small rectangle accent pillows have 1 bead. Also available in pillows is the ALL Shag giant square or circle pillow. You just melt into these. The pillows all have zippers so you can remove their insides for washing. The blanket’s have a tassel on each corner that hang from a button hole. These are SUPER SOFT warm comfy blankets 56″ x 80″ Easily remove the 4 tassels for  washing.  

There’s also CordaRoy’s specific products available. CordaRoy’s sells bean bags that transform into beds and footstools that transform into pillows. As bean bags they are super comfortable chairs that you just melt into, but the beds are just as comfortable. More comfy than many beds I’ve slept on!

Follow this link to view the C.Cambrea Collection on CORDAROY’S  bean bags and footstools.

Bohemian Sanctuary Home Decor

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